About Us

F stands for Fatwa a.k.a Ewa: adventurer, loves extreme sport, youngest children in his family. His daily activity is working from Monday to Friday and mountain biking on weekend. He likes to eat something salty or spicy and hates something sweet.

W stands for Wulan: loves shopping, chef wannabe, oldest children in her family. Her daily activity is working during weekdays and having a “me-time” during weekend. Can`t stand against nice clothes and cute shoes. She loves to eat something spicy but hates salty food.

We met for the first time at Bandung Super Mall (forgot the date), second time at Rumah Nenek (also forgot), and the third time on 21 July 2005 at Warung Ranggamalela.

Had their first date (instantly dating) on 21st July 2005 at 18 Hours then moved to Nasi Goreng Omwan, Jl. Burangrang.

Declared a couple on 1st August 2005.

Had their engagement on 10th August 2008 at Yogyakarta.

Finally bound by law and religions on 23rd July 2010 at Mawar Room Hotel Santika followed by the ceremonies which is being held at Manggala Wanabhakti Jakarta.


In 2011 Wulan gave birth to a boy named Keanu, a forever apple of their parents eye.


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