part 1

An Anniversary Letter to My Husband

“Hai Wulaaannn”

Warram, 21 June 2005
That day, I still could not forget the moment when you called me out loud. That I was confused, because as far as I concerned we were not very close. To be precised, we contacted for once, when I met warram’s boys while eating at the mall, even that time you were a shy person as if you were too bored with me. You were a shy person. But that side is what made me curious, and at the same time confused later on because suddenly you become friendly.

I don’t know why that conversation went smoothly, like we knew each other for long, whereas it was our first conversation. I still remember really with your talks that night which was actually full of rags, but I was nervous when you ask for my number.
Ewa: What is your phone number? (getting out a phone from your pocket)
Wulan: 08122787971
Ewa: Wait, my phone book is full. Calm down, I will erase one number for you.

If I recall, I was confused because I did not have something to say, I was shy. There’s a butterfly in my stomach. Actually, previously I was never into believing into love at the first sight. But when I met you that night, I suddenly felt that I must take back all the words. Yes, love at the first sight exists. And I felt that when I met you.

I really remember we did not get into the process of “hitting on each other”, all flew just like a water. After that night, suddenly we became Ewa’s Wulan and Wulan’s Ewa, that was how people called us. Our parents were confused, where we met, how could we be getting along, because they never heard of us getting to know each other. They were confused because we did not have the same school. Although you said that you like to go over my school to meet your friends who were actually my friends too, but the funny thing is that I’ve never seen you. We really just met twice at the place where you hang out, and suddenly inseparable. – with Fatwa

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