Wedding Preparation: The Venue

To cut the long story, after we decided to get married offcourse we have a long talk with our family. And luckily both of my parents along with his parents are agree with our decision. They even said that the faster the better. Then the decision has made, we are going married before Lebaran in Jakarta.

Ok, i`m a javanese but my family said that there are no good date or we often call it “hari baik”. Any date would be acceptable as long it is on weekends. First thing to do, we need to make a list which venue we would love to use for our wedding ceremonies. And the list goes to only two options: Balai Sudirman and Manggala Wanabhakti. I`m the one who choose Balai Sudirman, simply because the venue is nearby our house and lots of Indonesian celebrities use that building (teehee). In contrary, my mother choose Manggala Wanabhakti cause it is nearby her office and the parking lot is very large, larger than balai sudirman. Deep inside my mind I do really wants to have Balai Sudirman as my wedding venue but I know that my mum’s reason is soooooo right. Therefore ok, me and my boyfriend then decided to accept my mom’s ide: Manggala Wanabhakti.

Previously written at 8th of April 2011


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