The Proposal


So, this is the opening of my wedding blog. A blog that made after the wedding, not before. This is silly perhaps, because I never get the idea of making a blog where I can share a story about the preparation of my wedding. Have no clue that this could be a nice gift for our future daughter and son. So, before something more stupid can be happen (where we have been married for 1 or 2 years and still there is no wedding blog!), I decided to make it now. Yes, now (on 21st of September)! 😀 Ok, so let`s start…. PS: pardon my english language, i`m not good at grammar but at least i`m better than QS. Teehee.

I (refer to wulan) has just return from studying abroad in Amsterdam on March 2010. At that time (to be honest) me and Ewa had broke up since probably one year before, and it is so surprising to see him picking me up at the airport. So, my first sight at that time, he is sooooooo skinny, way tooo skinny for a man. I hate that. And that long and messy hair, oh my God. I believe he changed his music taste from rock to emo, LOL. The situation after that is so cold and weird, we have a long way back from the airport with silent.

After a long silent, finally he tries to make a conversation with me, and it straight to the point.
Him: “I want you back to be my girlfriend.”

I was like ok, let`s play hard to get.

Me: “I do want to, but not with this kind of relationship. It`s nicer to be single forever than having a relationship without an end. I`m tired of it.”

….long silent and then he answer.

Him: “Ok, will you marry me?”

Written at 8th of April 2011


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